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REVEALED: "Patriotic Singer" Convicted for Terror Plot, Pleaded Guilty to Drug Offences.

The US news outlet in its latest story on FBI files for the 1982 assassination of Turkish diplomat in Boston focuses on an informant statement that points out to a "singer" bragging about being in Australia when "something similar to Boston happened to Turks" here. We have connected the dots and asked the question whether this person could be Karnig Karlos (Karnios) Sarkissian in our recent story.

We can now reveal, Sarkissian, the revered patriot among Armenian Revolutionary Federation diaspora circles, who was in Australia as recent as 2018, has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and filed for bankruptcy in the US.

According to court documents, Virginia State Police arrested and charged Sarkissian after finding approximately 230 pounds of marijuana in Sarkissian’s vehicle while he was driving north on Interstate 81 in Rockingham County on Nov. 5, 2019.

Sarkissian late in May 2022 took an Alford plea, which means he does not admit guilt but accepts there is enough evidence to convict him and received a five-year sentence, all suspended, and two years of supervised probation, according to Daily News Record.

Sarkissian also filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Sarkissian was among the JCAG terrorists who were convicted for conspiring to bomb Turkish consulate general in Philadelphia in 1982.

According to , this JCAG cell were also the main suspects for the killing of Orhan Gunduz in Boston, on 4 May 1982.

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