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About Us

We have a very partial view on everything positive about Turkey, its culture, and the Australian Turkish community.

Turkish Voice of Australia is aiming to become the aggregator of content relevant to the Australian Turkish community and Australians, who have a passion for anything from Turkey.

Our aim is to connect with the second, third and fourth generation descendants of migrant workers from Turkey, who arrived in Australia beginning from 1968.

We will be publishing in English language as we believe our stories need to be heard by these new generations who do not necessarily have a good command of the Turkish language.

We will refrain from being dragged into the politics of Turkey, and we will only be reporting the facts that we deem relevant to the people of Australia. 

We will on the other hand focus on dissecting Australian politics and its affects on our people. 

We want to promote everything positive about the Turkish culture in Australia and elsewhere, aiming to build on the friendship in between two nations dating back to the shores of Gallipoli. 

Our compass is the teachings of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish Republic and our goal is to make Australia a better and fairer place for all.  

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