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FBI Informant Statement Reveals "Singer" Bragged About Being in Australia when Turks were Killed.

A joint counter-terrorism operation against JCAG had thwarted one of the deadliest bomb attacks on the US soil to date, and law enforcement officers made five arrests in relation to this plot in October 1982.

Four of the suspects were picked up at Los Angeles, and were put in jail during the court procedures.

One of the terrorists had been put in the same cell with a person who would later become an FBI informant.

According to newly released FBI files by, and Tom Nash and Gabriella Gage's story, an informant inmate told FBI on 3 November 1982 that he had befriended one of the terrorists who claimed to be a singer. The singer told the informant that he had moved from Lebanon to Australia, then to the United States.

The informant also stated that the singer had bragged about being in Australia and in Boston when "something happened" to Turks, with "a sheepish grin" on his face.

According to the informant, "the singer" had told him that he was a major figure in "raising the fire back into what once was only the old people knew about". The singer told the informant that there were several cells of young Armenians, and sympathisers from Lebanon, Australia, Canada, America, Europe, who were ready to kill.

The four people who had been arrested in California by FBI in relation to the thwarted bomb plot were Karnig Karlos Sarkissian, Viken Archavir Sarkissian Hosepian, Dikran Sarkis Berberian, and Viken Vasken Yacoubian. Steven John Dadaian was arrested in Boston with a cache of explosives.

Karnig Sarkissian is known to have migrated to the United States from Australia and is a popular singer among the Armenian Revolutionary Federation circles. He was also among those arrested in California.

Could Sarkissian be "the singer" who bragged about being in Australia when "something similar" to Boston killing happened here?

He was in Australia for a concert as recent as 2018.

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