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ATMA's Republic Day Reception to Be Held at MCA in Sydney.

Australian Turkish Mutual Alliance will hold its annual Republic Day Reception at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney this year, marking the centenary of the Republic of Turkiye with the uninterrupted views of the Sydney Opera House.

ATMA has held several balls in recent years marking the most important day in the calendar of Australians with Turkish descent, most notably at the Sydney ANZ Stadium in 2022.

This year the organisation is hosting a cocktail reception on 28 October Saturday evening at the MCA, which is in Sydney's Rocks district.

ATMA's event is also listed with almost half the price of previous events at $120PP but only with limited number of tickets.

We wish all the success to ATMA for yet another big event fittingly to celebrate the most notable historic milestone of the Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 100 years ago.

Tickets can be purchased via the link below.

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