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Zelensky Addresses Australian Parliament

Ukraine's President Zelensky received a standing ovation after his speech delivered via a video call.

Among those who applauded Zelensky were the members with close ties to Russian-backed Armenia, claims the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance.

British Broadcasting Corporation last week revealed the air corridor between Syria and Russia's Ukrainian fronts via Armenia. The broadcaster claimed that the Russians were recruiting Syrians to fight on their side in Ukraine. A Russian Tupolev plane was tracked by BBC, and the broadcaster says it shows the flight route of the 180 seater aircraft from Syria's Latakia region to the fronts, after a stopover in Armenia's capital Yerevan.

Such military cooperation between Russia and Armenia is no coincidence. Both countries are signatories to Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), which is a military pact among the former Soviet states.

Russia also has a big military presence in Armenia.

"The leader of the so-called Republic of Artsakh, which has plenty of sitting Australian MP friends, openly supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine," said the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance.

"It is interesting to see where will these MPs, who seemingly applauded Zelensky with enthusiasm last week, stand in the future considering both Armenia's and Artsakh's close support for Russia's blatant act of disregard for human life and dignity, as well as the international rule of law," added the group in a written message to the Turkish Voice of Australia.

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