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Will Karabakh Armenians Join Russia?

Recent peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan have raised concerns among the pro-Russian separatist Armenian regime controlling parts of Azerbaijan. According to reports, some leaders of the separatists are considering to join Russian Federation.

There are plenty of visible signs confirming the Russian support among the separatists, holding on a last piece of occupied enclave in Azerbaijan.

The boss of Russia Today, Moscow's English speaking news outlet, Margaret Simonyan has recently shared images from the city of Khankendi, which is home to the leadership of the separatists.

A giant Russian flag laid out in the shape of the letter Z, which is a sign used by Russian forces invading Ukraine.

Arayik Harutyunyan, the leader of the separatists, congratulated the Russian forces and the people of Donbas with a social media post on the first day of the invasion. The social media posts were later taken down.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation has also denied the existence of such talks within the ranks of the separatists.

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