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War: Ukraine - Russia

Once again, developments elsewhere in the world risks creating disharmony in Australia. According to 2016 Census, there are over 13,000 Australians who recorded their birthplace as Australia, and another 20,000 as Russian Federation.

Photo Courtesy by Ukraine Feature
Ukrainians march in Melbourne. Photo By Ukraine Feature.

Russian Federation has began its attack on Ukraine in a move that has drawn almost unanimous international condemnation.

Australia has also reacted strongly to Russia's move.

The conflict, according to analysts familiar with the region, stemmed from Russia's perceived threat of NATO's expansion and instigated by the Russian President Vladimir Putin who is using the war to deflect attention from domestic economic woes.

Ukrainians across Australia hit the streets in recent days protesting Moscow's attack on their motherland's sovereignty.

However, many Russians in Australia seem to have joined their Ukrainian counterparts in anti-war protests is a sign that the potential tensions between different ethnic communities on this occasion would be very limited.

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