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UAE - Turkey

The relations between UAE and Turkey seem to be on a path to normalisation after years of animosity.

Burj Khalifa illuminates in Turkish flag for Erdogan visit. Photo by The National Times.

The iconic building of the United Arab Emirates, which was previously illuminated with the colors of every nation in conflict with Turkey, was illuminated in Turkish flag to mark the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Dubai.

Analysts familiar with the region believe the rapprochement has its roots in the US administration's decision to not to get involved in the Middle East anymore. Turkey has one of the only nations in the region with operational capabilities and assertiveness to project force beyond its borders with success. UAE feels more and more insecure with Iranian backed militia's cross border missile attacks.

On the other hand, Turkish economy needs foreign capital inflows to keep servicing its sovereign debts; a situation that might become more problematic in the face of loss of tourism dollars from Turkey's northern neighbours who are engaged in a bitter war.

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