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PKK, Iran, Russia, Syria Form Joint Force, Prepare for Turkiye's Operation into Northern Syria.

According to Al Monitor news outlet, two Russian officers, three officers from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, three Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leaders and two leaders from the regime forces are assigned to run the joint operations room in Northern Syria.

For years, the United States led PR campaign portrayed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the West as an independent like-minded local militia group despite Türkiye's counter claims.

This latest news report from the region ahead of Türkiye's potential cross border operation reaffirms Ankara's claims that the SDF is a branch of designated terrorist organisation PKK, and closely allied with Damascus, Iran, Hezbollah and Moscow.

The news story also mentions PKK's Afrin Liberation Forces and confirms the existence of PKK leadership in Northern Syrian areas where Turkish Armed Forces are planning to strike in the coming days.

Israel also recently underlined its determination to strike Iran-affiliated forces on Syrian soil.

Analysts in Türkiye reportedly waiting to see how the Washington think-tanks and politicians with close ties to Armenian Revolutionary Federation to spin their way out of this.

SDF received billions of dollars worth of armour, weapons and ammunitions from the United States in recent years despite Türkiye's objections as Washington's most powerful NATO ally in the region.

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