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Never-Before-Published FBI Files on Armenian Terrorism To Be Released.

The US-based non-profit "collaborative news site that gives journalists the tools to hold the government accountable", Muckrock has announced that they'd be releasing a series of stories based on thousands of newly-published FBI documents over the murder of Turkish diplomat in Boston in 1982.

According to Mucrock, following Orhan Gunduz's murder on 4 May 1982, the FBI zeroed in on five suspects, who were later convicted of the attempted bombing attack of Turkish consulate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

An Armenian-American carrying a bomb in his checked baggage on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston, and his co-conspirators were arrested by the FBI, which later estimated that the bomb, if detonated, likely would have killed between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

You can follow Muckrock from the link below. First story to come out on 16 May. The case is called Kapikill Files.

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