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NATO allies praise Turkey, anti-Turkish lobbyists continue to be the trojan horse of Russia in DC.

And in light of Russia's aggression over Ukraine, Biden administration has written a letter to the congress stating that selling F16s to Turkey is in US national interests.

Standing against the sale of the advanced aircrafts to Turkey are Frank Pallone Jr representing the 6th Congressional District of New Jersey and from same state, senator Bob Mendez, who chairs foreign relations committee.

Both members are proud and long time supporters of ANCA and advocates of Armenian causes. Mendez is a recipient of election donations from the Armenian National Committee of America.

As US State Department says: “Turkey’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and cooperative defense relations are an important deterrent to malign influence in the region.”

Pallone continues to hold the line for his ANCA friends.

Pallone visited the separatist Armenian enclave in 2019 and lobbied the US congress on behalf of the so-called Republic of Artsakh in Capitol Hill.

Here is a link to that story.

The leader of Armenian separatists, Arayik Harutyunyan was the first congratulate the people of Donbas as Russian tanks rolled in.

Armenian media reports that in light of the ongoing peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Harutyunyan has began works to join the Russian Federation.

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