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Landmark Cooperation Between Turkiye and Australia Continues to Pay-Off Dividends.

In a notable display of international cooperation between the Turkish and Australian police forces, alleged organized crime figure Guy Habkouk, 35, has been arrested and extradited to Australia from Turkiye.

The arrest is part of an operation that uncovers Habkouk's alleged involvement in one of Australia's largest heroin importations to date.

Habkouk, accused of importing nearly 350 kilograms of heroin into Australia back in December 2020, was living and operating in Turkey under the radar.

His arrest in January by Turkish authorities demonstrates a strong commitment to the international war against drugs by Ankara.

Commander Richard Chin from the Australian Federal Police's (AFP) Transnational Operations unit, highlighted Habkouk's alleged "extensive links" to international criminal organizations.

He was escorted on a flight back to Sydney last Saturday, where AFP officers were waiting to formally charge him.

This joint action underscores the effectiveness of the bilateral cooperation between Turkey and Australia in combating global organized crime. Not only does this arrest illustrate a landmark moment in their mutual crime fighting efforts, but it also reaffirms the importance of the relationship between the two countries.

In December, another Australian suspected Islamic State terrorist was also deported from Turkiye.

Habkouk is now charged with importing a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment under Australian law.

The successful international operation is a testament to the strong relationship between the Turkish and Australian law enforcement agencies. Both countries continue to encourage any individual with information related to the case or other illicit activities to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.

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