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Kristina Keneally's Message to the Australian-Turkish Community.

Labor's candidate for the NSW Federal seat of Fowler, the Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Kristina Keneally has sent a video message to the Australian Turkish community on the National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

The video was shared by the Australian Turkish Advocacy Alliance with the following note:

"We thank the Hon Kristina Keneally, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs for this thoughtful video message acknowledging Turkish-Australian friendship due to #ANZACDay, celebrating #Ramadan and wishing well for the upcoming Eid. The Hon Keneally also expressed her wishes to join the Australian-Turkish community in its celebrations of the centenary of the Republic of Turkey in 2023. We second Ms. Keneally's strong emphasis on multicultural harmony and her warning about those who try to sow discord among our communities.

ATAA will continue to do its job by being the bridge between politicians and the Australian-Turkish community. In an election year, our platform is open to any candidate or politician who wishes to share similar positive messages with our community.

Once again, thank you Kristina Keneally for this timely and kind message."

You can watch the full message through below.

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