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FM Says Australia to Wait Court Ruling to Label Russian Actions in Ukraine Genocide.

Joining ABC's flagship Sunday morning news show, Insiders, Foreign Minister Marise Payne was asked whether Australia to label Russian actions in Ukraine as genocide, following US President Joe Biden's decision to use the term.

Minister Payne told David Speers that Australia's long standing position on labelling events as genocide is in line with verdicts delivered by competent international courts.

Payne also said that Australia was contributing to the efforts in building a case against Russia in La Hague.

US President Joe Biden has recently labelled Russian actions in Ukraine as genocide. French President Emmanuel Macron was also asked whether the French would follow the suit. Macron, like Payne, said that France was to wait for court verdicts.

French politicians in the past have felt no harm in labelling the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire as genocide.

Experts of the topic accused the French for being hypocritical on its selectiveness of using the term.

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