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FBI Files Reveal US Law Enforcement Incompetency in Investigating the Murder of Turkish Diplomat.

The vehicle used in the assassination of Turkish diplomat Orhan Gunduz had been retrieved by the local police in Somerville only blocks away from FBI's crime scene, and returned to its registered owner, a South Boston mother, rather than being handed over to the investigators.

1976 VW Rabbit. Not the actual car.

The mother had sold her car two weeks earlier, in late April, received a call from the local police on 10 May telling her that her car had been found abandoned. She had to pay the fine and towing fees to get it back.

After going through the insides she had found a pair of royal blue track pants and a black jacket, as well as a pair of sunglasses. They smelled so bad, she had wash them and clean the car.

In the days to follow, watching the news, she pieced together the fact that her car could be the one used by JCAG terrorists. She eventually rang her lawyer, and handed the washed and cleaned car and clothing back to investigators.

Muckrock.Com has released third part in its series into the assassination of Orhan Gunduz in Boston on 4 May 1982 by JCAG terrorists.

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