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Elections 2022

Federal government has delivered its 2022 - 2023 budget, and pundits now await for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call for the elections.

We have compiled the federal electoral divisions where the members of the Australian-Turkish community can make a difference.

Due to the legislation, the Federal elections must be held latest on 21 May, according to the ABC.

The Australian Electoral Commission has its page dedicated to 2022 elections is ready and available on the link below.

There is no known candidate from the Australian-Turkish community for any of the seats or senate positions up for election this term.

Australian-Turkish community, according to the ABS 2016 records are congregated in the following electoral seats.

Calwell: Currently held by Labor's Maria Vamvakinou, this is a safe seat for Labor Party.

Blaxland: Currently held by Labor's Jason Clare, this is another safe seat for Labor Party. The seat is home to Auburn, Bankstown, Merrylands and Guildford.

Wills: Held by Labor's Peter Khalil, who is closely allied with various community groups.

McEwen: Held by Rob Mitchell, from the Labor Party, McEwen is classified as a marginal seat held by Labor.

McMahon: Held comfortably by Chris Bowen of the Labor Party.

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