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Efendy Goes to Istanbul

Sydney's favourite and most awarded Turkish restaurant goes to Turkey with its founder and chef Somer Sivrioglu in recent years finding tremendous well deserved success as Master Chef Turkey judge.

Sivrioglu founded Efendy on Balmain's Elliott street in 2007, and has been on a journey to promote Turkish food and eating culture in Australia.

He appeared regularly on Australian media, and published a book about Turkish kitchen.

Sivrioglu's next venture in Barangaroo precinct, called Anason, had even become a bigger success than Efendy.

Yet, Sivrioglu has been absent from his usual hangouts in Sydney for the past couple of years for a good reason.

Appearing in one of the most successful adaptation of Master Chef franchise as a judge for the last four season, Sivrioglu has found a well deserved fame in Turkey.

Now, the rumours are confirmed with the popular Master Chef judge announcing Efendy Istanbul to be opening soon on his social media account.

Growing up in Istanbul, Sivrioglu with Efendy, Sydney wanted to create the elegant Turkish dining experience he enjoyed as a young adult.

Now with over a decade long experience as a restauranteur and chef in Australia, he is bringing his concept back to his country of origin.

For many Australians in Sydney though, it will be very hard to catch a cab home from the new Efendy after a nice Friday evening dine-out.

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