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City of Ryde Raises Pro-Russian Separatist Flag.

City of Ryde council has raised the flag of the so-called Republic of Artsakh at a Sydney park, at a time when the leaders of the separatist regime openly supporting Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. A mayoral minute last week was moved and adopted with the support of a prominent Armenian-Australian activist who has also been serving the city as a councillor, Sarkis Yedellian.

The leader of the regime, Arayik Harutyunyan was the first in the region to congratulate people of Donbas and Russia when Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine.

In a social media post, which was later deleted, Harutyunyan said:

"On behalf of the authorities and people of the Republic of Artsakh, I welcome the decision of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to recognise the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic."

Later during the war, a major Russian flag (pictured above) was laid on a hill in Khankendi, the last bastion of the separatists in the shape of the letter Z, which is used as a signifier of Russian campaign over Ukraine.

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