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Century old Turkish Delight Recipe

Published by the Hurstville Propeller on 28 April 1922, this cookery note on how to make Turkish delight at home shows the deep affection Australia has with sweets.


21b raw sugar, 2oz gelatine, 1 pint of water, juice of four lemons, red colour- ing (cochineal), flavouring (vanilla or almonds). Put the water and gelatine in a copper pan, allow gelatine to dissolve, add the sugar, and bring to the boil, and boil for twenty minutes, stirring all the time. Remove from the fire, and add lemon juice, flavouring, and colouring. Pour into wet moulds, and allow to set. Sugar thickly a piece of paper, turn the Turkish delight out on it, using plenty of sugar on the hands, cut into square pieces, and dip into fine sugar.

By Trove National Library of Australia

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