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Bullying Allegations at Labor

Bullying allegations at Australian Labor Party has resurfaced again following the untimely passing of Senator Kimberley Kitching, who allegedly suffered from a fatal heart attack due to pressure from her colleagues both in the party and in the senate.

A Turkish-Australian female former councillor is also known to have suffered from constant bullying from a sitting state MP and his accolades. And despite many appeals to the head office, no action was taken.

There will be a funeral held in Melbourne, and debate over whether Ms Kitching fell to a toxic party culture is expected to cast a shadow on the front running ALP some months out of the elections.

Another female Labor MP, Emma Hussar had to quit politics in 2019, again, alleging that she was subject to bullying by the fellow party members.

Turkish community's representative in a NSW local council until recent council elections was also a vıctım of systematic bullyıng wıthin her own party. It is widely known within the community that over her tenure at the Council, she was subject to widespread bullying and intimidation at the hands of a sitting NSW state MP.

Despite numerous appeals to the NSW Labor Head Office by the councillor, no resolution was provided to protect her against ongoing and constant harassment. The councillor had served her constituents with integrity over her time in the council and become a popular local representative. Again, despite this, party had decided to relegate her to an unwinnable place on the council ticket, effectively ending her time as a councillor.

All these, and more, rightfully raise questions about Labor's workplace culture among the pundits.

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