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Boston Herald Questions Congressman's Support to Pro-Russia Armenia.

Columnist Saul Anzuis, who is of Lithuanian background, has questioned US lawmaker Adam Schiff's unflinching support for pro-Russian Armenia and the Armenian separatists in Karabakh.

Schiff's electoral district is also home to powerful Armenian Revolutionary Federation affiliated lobby organisation ANCA. Schiff last week lobbied on behalf of ANCA who was demanding US aid money to be sent to the separatist pro-Russian ethnic Armenians occupying parts of Azerbaijan's internationally recognised sovereign land since 1994.

The leader of the separatists, Arayik Harutyunyan was the first to congratulate Russian leader Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine, under the premises of protecting Russian separatist regime in Ukraine's Donbas region.

Schiff could not manage for $50 million to be sent to Harutyunyan directly. Instead the US aid money was sent to Armenia, with $2 million earmarked for demining activities in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region through the so-called Republic of Artsakh.

The pro-Russian separatist regime do reportedly have a small but effective group of politicians advocating for them in Australia as well.

Member for Prospect in NSW, Hugh McDermott has in the past joined pro-Artsakh protests and made speeches.

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