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AK Party Deputies Visit Australia.

Former Minister for Interior Affairs Efkan Ala led a delegation of AK Party deputies during a visit to Sydney last week.

The deputies have met with community leaders to listen to their problems and promised to carry the messages back to Türkiye.

The visit, according to the former Minister's social media posts, also is aimed at building capabilities for United of International Democrats. (UID)

UID is a particularly strong NGO especially in Europe and is known to have close affiliations with the Turkish President Erdogan's AK Party.

Mr. Erdogan, undefeated in almost two dozen polls over two decades, is facing one of the toughest elections expected to be held in 2023.

Current polls suggest a coalition of opposition parties, including the ones led by Mr Erdogan's former allies, might force 2023 Presidential Elections down to the wire.

Turkish citizens in Australia are able to vote in elections in Turkiye. In recent years, opposition parties received more votes in Australia during the polls which were shunned by the majority of the community.

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